24/7 remote service

24/7 remote service

The remote support service is a very convenient contract to speed up the resolution of problems and reduce the risks of shutdown, with the confident of an expert support anytime. Remote support also reduces costs associated with transfers and waiting.

COVID-19 this 24/7 remote support contract complies with restrictions and allows experts to have access to your control systems at all times.

Description of remote technical support service.

The service consists of a support policy that covers the following scopes:

Control systems

  • DCS PlantPax (Rockwell Automation)
  • PLC’s (Rockwell Automation, Siemens)
  • HMI (Factory TalkView, Wonderware)
  • Control and instrumentation networks

Information technology systems for industries

  • Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Rockwell Automation software
  • OSIsoft software

Virtualized systems

  • Virtual environment configuration
  • Virtual machine configuration (Create, edit, delete)
  • Create templates and clones
  • Virtual switch configuration

Safety systems

  • Gas and fire
  • Alarm panel (Onyx, Fire-lite)
  • Gas and smoke detectors

How 24/7 remote support works


24/7 Remote Support Contract


Contact technical support by Phone / Cellphone / WhatsApp / Chat / E-mail.


A specialist from the support center receives the request, assigns a case number and collects the information on the problem.


The specialist analyzes information and looks for a solution.


The specialist communicates the solution to the client, if necessary, connects remotely to carry out the diagnosis and solution.


The specialist follows up on the support case, generates a report and closes the case. Satisfaction survey sent.

Remote connection tool

Microsoft teams


Chrome remote desktop

Audiovisual tool
Vuforia Chalk

This tool is for making video calls with integrated augmented reality, which allows you to create marks in the image to indicate instructions to follow, the marks are intelligent and remain anchored to the objects shown in the image (Example Valve, Pump, Keypad, etc.).


  • Agility in problem solving
  • Savings in expert personnel transfers
  • Knowledge transfer to your staff
  • Compatible with COVID-19 restrictions
  • Greater efficiency in operations
  • Reduces shutdown risks
  • Increases plant availability

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