Data infrastructure

Data infrastructure

Undertake digital transformation through high-quality, reliable operations data. Collect, improve and deliver data in real time at any location. Give more knowledge to engineers and operators. Accelerate the work of data scientists and analysts.

OSIsoft PI System

ECN Automation as a partner of OSIsoft already has several years of experience with PI System, a contextualization software with the ability to collect, analyze, visualize and share large amounts of historical data with great accuracy from various data sources to people and systems in operations.

Access to key data and information enables the PI System to help leading companies achieve incremental operational improvements that ultimately lead to a global transformation of their business.

PI System Products

1. PI System connections
PI Connectors, Interfaces PI, PI Developer Technologies.
2. PI Server
Data Archive, PI Asset Framework, Analytics, Event Frames, PI Notifications.
3. PI system tools
PI Vision, PI Processbook, PI DataLink, PI webParts, PI Manual Logger.
4. PI developers club
PI .Net Framework and python, PI SQL Data Access, PI system Architecture, PI Visualization Developers, OSIsoft Message Format (OMF).

Visualization tools

Business Intelligence

PI Vision

OT - IT integration



Transforming the value of data
PI System provides a world-class infrastructure for operations.


Optimize processes, increase quality, improve asset performance, improve energy efficiency, manage risks, comply with regulations, increase safety performance.

  • Benefits: Real-time information for decision making and continuous improvement
  • Agile implementation
  • Ability to integrate operational information and business information (ERP)
  • Build on existing and optimize as it grows

Integration to ERP

ECN Automation has extensive experience in projects for direct or indirect integration with ERP solutions, taking full advantage of the standardization of your processes in all field areas within the reach of your ERP system that allows you to anticipate the needs of your process.


ECN Automation, as a solutions company focused on the manufacture digitalization, provides simple - and at the same time powerful - tools for plant personnel as well as for the different people responsible for data exploitation in order to integrate data into your ERP system.

All focused according to the ISA 95 vertical integration according to the different levels to send the information and perform an OT/IT integration for the digital transformation.

Vertical integration (OT/IT) ISA 95

Means for ERP integration

  • Osisoft: Through the integrator for SAP-HANA and the OLEDB Provider connector
  • PLEX: Through a connector in a direct way
  • Direct integration: By direct connector to the database to ERP
  • Indirect integration: Creating a database with the required format for reading from the ERP

Integration to ERP

  • Improved decision making
  • Duplication is avoided
  • Scalability and modular design of ERP systems
  • Improves productivity, since it unifies and facilitates information management
  • Suited to the specific needs of each company
  • Integration with clients and suppliers
  • Simplify operations from the same dashboard
  • Improves efficiency and operational capacity
  • Able to integrate with financial information
  • Improves profitability in the long term and profits

ECN Automation
offers comprehensive solutions.

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