Cloud/Edge computing

Cloud/Edge computing

Cloud computing

Cloud computing or as it is commonly called “the cloud” provides you with infrastructure, services, platforms and applications as required.

What is the ideal cloud for your organization?

Public Clouds

The entire infrastructure for cloud services is managed by an external company. Who puts at your disposal the resources of large data centers for anyone who wants it. The best-known providers of this type of service are Amazon, Google and Azure.

Private Clouds

Also called internal or corporate cloud, unlike the public cloud, the infrastructure and resources offered are for certain users, not a general public.

Hybrid Clouds

It is a combination between private and public cloud, which allows data and applications to be shared between them.


This type of cloud refers to having different cloud services, both public and private, among which you share your information over the internet.

Cloud services


Infrastructure as a Service

It offers resources to end users of information infrastructure (IT) such as networks and cloud storage.

IoT, mobile applications, and big data have increased the number of IaaS data storage providers.


Platform as a Service

It puts at your disposal the hardware and an application software platform, where you can develop and offer applications.


Software as a Service

This type of service offers the complete application to the user.

Benefits of cloud computing

Edge computing

It is the actions that we can perform with the information that is collected near the machines/equipment and with which we can obtain a result with no need to send it back to the cloud. This means that the data produced by Internet of Things (IoT) devices does not need to be sent to the cloud, but is processed and analyzed directly on the device.

For end users this means a faster user experience, for companies and service providers, it is translates into low latency and high availability applications with real-time monitoring.

IoT Connectivity

IoT Connectivity Benefits

  • Real-time data analysis
  • Save of time and money
  • Reduce bottlenecks in data traffic
  • Reduce latency in the network

Our Solution

Sharing data to the cloud is an upward trend, if well cloud service providers ensure the security of information that is stored in large data centers, plant security should not be forgotten.

A robust, resilient and secure network architecture, the center of data with the appropriate communication equipment switches, routers, firewalls, server infrastructure and good administration, they will guarantee that the information you want share with the outside arrives safely and thus be able access it from anywhere and on any device mobile.

Cloud Migration

Virtualization is being one step closer to the cloud, counting with a virtual infrastructure that you can access from any site is considered a private cloud. Now imagine connect that virtual data center of your organization with a public cloud and be able to run business applications on public and private environments transforming their environment into a hybrid cloud.

Dell VxRail offers data center modernization for thus being able to implement a hybrid cloud.

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