Process safety

Process safety

A safety system is designed according to standards and regulations with the aim of limiting risks in the operations of the processes and machines that can affect people, infrastructure or the continuity of production.

Classification by safety standards for industry

Process safety

It is used in plants where flammable or explosive fluids and toxic chemicals are handled that represent a danger in themselves or derived from a condition that is out of range.

Machine safety

To protect areas of operation of moving parts in machinery that represent a risk to personnel when approaching or performing operations; safety design includes interlocked guards, proximity sensing and laser zoning.

Boilers and furnaces

The combustion safety system verifies that the safe starting, stopping and operating sequence is followed, avoiding dangerous conditions such as burning fuel accumulation, purge of fuel residues at start-up and steam overpressure.

Interlock devices

Interlock devices are those which take care of unwanted starts or conditions of processes and machines where the certification has a fundamental role in safety.

Scopes and capabilities

Safety instrumented systems (IEC 61511)

Process safety is assessed at SIL levels according to the IEC 61511 Standard. A SILSafety Integrity Level always refers to a Function Instrumented Safety (FIS).

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Machine safety (ISO 13849)

With TÜV certification, ECN Automation develops machinery safety projects such as palletizers, depalletizers, fillers, washing machines, conveyors.

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Gas and fire systems (NFPA, UL, FM, NOM)

Gas and fire systems for the safety of industrial operations, personnel, infrastructure and surroundings.

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Storage and distribution terminals

Comprehensive management system for the operation and safety of terminals, from receipt, inventory and dispatch of fuel.

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Boiler control system

Instrumented safety system for boiler control and optimization of combustion and gas emission analysis.

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