Purified water and water for injection quality

Purified water is used as raw material in food making, cosmetics and medicine taken orally (pills, syrups, capsules), also used for cleaning production lines.

Water for injection quality is used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce different medicines such ophthalmic, subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous, also is used in the cleaning of production process.

Purified water

At an initial pretreatment stage, food drinking water is processed to be sanitized, get rid of particles and organic dissolved materials and getting rid of hardness. Subsequently, a final treatment is applied to reduce microbial load, generally through inverse osmosis and later application of ultraviolet light.

Water purification and distribution
Purified water (PW)

Water for injection (WFI)

Injection quality water is used in the pharmaceutical industry for the making of parenteral medicine (ophthalmic, subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous), also used in the cleaning of production lines associated to such products

For obtaining quality water for injection, one must begin from purified water treatment systems (PW) and other unit processes are added to elevate its purity levels.

For the water for injection process (WFI) it is obtained through clean steam condensation gathered from a steam generator, which is fed with purified water (PW). It is water with the maximum chemical purity, perfectly sterile, since its main use is in the making of injectable solutions.

Water purification and distribution

Traceability system and MES

In order to guarantee the correct performance, the implementation of a control system where all the information is backed up is needed, information such as:

  • Trends
  • Electronic records
  • Electronic signatures
  • Alarm management

Traceability provides the necessary tools in order to improve the management of the quality department and the plant

  • Traceability management of raw materials, lots, semi-finished product
  • Advanced information analysis SPC (Statistical process control)
  • HACPP Management (Hazard analysis and critical control points)
  • Documentation management in order to get rid of use of paper
  • Non-conformity management


Architecture solution implements code scanners or RFID for component identification or products in production line.

Our solution adjusts to the process’ needs implementing bar code scanners or RFID for identification of components or products in the production line.

Reporting module

The following information can be consulted:

  • Data per piece history
  • Scrap board
  • Scrap board

Power Bi based report module.

Personalized reports can also be made in case customer requires.

Report by station

MES System

State of the art MES platform, that will allow you to control and globally manage the information of all your production plants and the perfect integration of your data with your ERP, specialized solution in the gathering of production control, quality and maintenance data. Products are put together in functional modules that can work independently from each other, with direct integration to ERP, and direct connection to needed machines and process’ signals. The production suite includes most control needs of the plant with different characteristics:

  • Open code solution that allows limitless functionalities
  • Web Server for automatic report visualization and publication
  • Independent from database, including SQL server
  • Able to integrate to all kinds of ERP in the market

MES System modules

Production control

Quality and traceability

Production monitoring


Manufacturing order planning

Utilities management

ECN Automation
offers comprehensive solutions.

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