eSuite Data Solutions

eSuite Data Solutions

ECN Automation develops data solutions suited especially for the needs of our clients, these are developed independently when the client does not need a complete data platform:


Know the history, location and trajectory of a product.

This solution allows you to keep a track record of each product genealogy this way facilitating production quality control in your plant.


  • PLC Connectivity
  • Database connectivity: SQL, Server, PostgreSQL, and more
  • Microsoft Power BI reporting tool
  • It allows for data gathering in every line or station using scanners
  • MES or ERP system connectivity


The architecture solution includes code scaners and RFID to identify components of products in the production line.

Our solution adapts to the process needs implementing QR code scanners or RFID for id of components or production line products.

Reporting Module

Scrap Dashboard

Power BI based reporting module, information that can be consulted is:

  • Piece history data
  • Scrap dashboard
  • Station dashboard

** Personalized reports optional

Station Report

KPI & BI Dashboard

Our KPI (Key performance indicators) monitoring solution is part of our efficiency and productivity suite (eSuite); it allows the creation of required KPIs in plant gathering data from existing control systems to facilitate its monitoring through dashboards.


Visualization Platforms

Mobile devices




  • Mobile and videowall platform visualization
  • KPI adapted to your factory’s requirements
  • Multiplatform connectivity
  • Personalized dashboards


  • Allow company’s goal and objective assessment
  • Provide decision making key information
  • Elevate employees motivation
  • Measure progress in time
  • Pattern analysis over time
  • Give a greater and better efficiency and effectiveness in the process
  • Faster more comprehensive and transparent when communicating results
  • It’s a control system and follow up of the actions taken and work done

Data Reports

Gather data from any source, analyze it and visualize it in all kinds of devices.

It’s an ECN Automation solution that allows you to gather data through a unique channel to a single database from any kind of information source, no matter brand or protocol, with a dynamic and graphic interface through a web service which lets you share or visualize your data on different devices such as cell phones, tablets, computers, and more.



This solution begins by gathering data from any source through a simple configuration.

Data history

Afterwards, the data is stored in a database accessible through queries.

Power BI report server

Once the data has been contextualized we are able to visualize it in a business intelligence reporter for a better interaction with the final user.

Connectivity capacity

  • PLC
  • Communication protocol
  • OPC
  • Devices
  • Databases
  • CCV,TXT,XML files

Data report visualization

It’s an intuitive tool, easy to use, because it allows you to create info-solutions and basic dashboards without technical knowledge.

It integrates perfectly with different data sources.

It lets you make multiple complex analysis in the same panel with a unique, attractive visualization.

It helps promote data analysis culture and business IQ in the company.

Natural speech interface, this means you can interact in the same way as we make questions to a real person and the tool will respond with the asked information, may it be a graph, chart or data.


  • Single channel history
  • Quick access
  • Productivity boost
  • Data global sharing
  • Data centralization
  • Maintenance reduction
  • Backup making
  • No data repetition or duplicates

Data Mobile

ECN Automation’s IoT solution for data collection from moving units.

ECN Automation solution that allows you to collect data in order to centralize your information. All this designed for mobile equipment or where the field network does not exist, this way it guarantees the history of your equipment with an alternative technology that allows you to monitor your variables and view them in a report or a dashboard on any type of equipment.


  • IP68 protection
  • Integrated web server
  • Ultra compact
  • Data blogger
  • Easy to configure
  • 3G and WIFI technology
  • Connectivity to multiple sources
  • Battery autonomy
  • Reliability and simplicity
  • Configuration software


  • It allows different network communication
  • Portability
  • Real time data capture
  • Standalone
  • Protocol adaptation

Viewing types

Local dashboard

ECN Cloud

Data Integration

ECN Automation
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