Increase efficiency in bag filters

Increase efficiency in bag filters

Bag filter maintenance is a very demanding task. On one hand, we need to save labor time and spare parts changing bags unnecessary, on the other hand we have to prevent the bags from breaking. The rupture of these bag filters causes a very important cloud of dust that impacts the quality of the environment.


Non-optical dust detection and measurement systems.

SWR's Dusty C system was specially developed to reliably monitor clean sides after filters to prevent bag filter breakage. The Dusty C can be used in metal ductwork where dust particles in the gas stream must be detected. Its measuring range starts with dust concentrations of 0.1 mg/m3. The sensor can be used in areas to prevent explosion risks (dust zone 22 / gas zone 2).

The system also has an analog output to detect a certain trend in the increase of dust particles in the air, thus predictive maintenance is much more efficient and much more precise.


  • For use in any king of powder ducts
  • All types of dust can be detected
  • Easy set up (plug & play)
  • Immediate detection of filter breaks
  • Avoid explosions due to dust-laden environments
  • Freely configurable alarm point
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • 4 ... 20 mA analog trend signal output

The Dusty C is a compact device that works with a 24 V DC power supply. The device is supplied pre-calibrated at 25 mg/m³ of powder. At the current output, this value corresponds to a 12 mA signal.

The sensor provides the user with the option to define the alarm set points. This can be done in a range between approx. 5 mg/m³ and approx. 150mg/m³. The switching value can be varied in steps of 5mg by pressing a button.

Pre-calibration is carried out on the internal organic powder SWR test bench under the following conditions:

  • Duct diameter = 10 inches
  • Air speed = 14 m / s
  • Temperature = 77 °C

Dusty C SWR

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