Measurement Principle

A capacitance probe can be compared to an electrical capacitor. As the reservoir fills, the capacitance value of the probe increases. This change is electrically analyzed to know when the liquid is present or not.


Applicable measurement for liquids, pastes. Foam detection also possible

Rod and cable probes in different materials and coated

For operating temperatures -80 to +200 ° C (-112 to +392 ° F) and Pressure: -1 to +100 bar (-14.5 to +1,450 psi)

Reliable detection also on viscous products or strong adhesions


Liquicap FTI51
Point level switch with rod extension for liquids.

Liquicap FTI52
Point level switch with rope extension for liquids

Liquipoint FTW23
Compact level switch for hygienic applications.

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