Hygienic valves cluster and automation

Food production requires mixing, adding and storage of different products as well as the cleaning on site of pipes and tanks. In order to make these processes more agile and increase production, the use of automated skids with anti-mixing directional valves is needed for the correct fluid to reach its place unalterably.

At ECN Automation we can make the engineering and manufacturing of automated skids with anti-mixing directional valves for food production.

Skid engineering

Valves automation system

Installation example

Valve cluster components

Mix Proof Valve

  • This is the solution for making your process more effcient reducing time and cleaning agents recovery for your CIP
  • All surfaces in contact with the product can be cleaned
  • Reliable separation of two elements (For example, product and cleaning liquid). Two sealing elements work separately; leak chamber opens to the atmosphere
  • Higher performance pressures (up to 10 bar/ 145 psi)
  • The highest quality (mechanical body from a solid bar piece)
  • Certifications EHEDG, 3-A, PMO, ATEX, CRN, FDA


D 620

Anti-leak design, with no operating product loss

Cleaning cycle includes all internal compartments

Radial type inferior disc with RSC seal (Radial seal complete)

Closed valve

Open valve

Closing cycle

Opening cycle

Simple seat valve

Südmo SVP simple seat valve provides the best base for safe and effcient production processes due to the wide variety of options provided by our modular system, maintenance ease, cleaning and options for the valves to comply with the latest sanitary and aseptic requirements.

Butterfly valves

Pentair Südmo hygienic butterfly valves are used mainly for open/closed operations, either manual or automatic, it has a lightweight design and it is manufactured so that it complies perfectly with sanitary standards, very convenient for the sectioning function as part of a valve cluster.

Pentair Südmo offers a wide variety of options that allow the monitoring and control of closing valves through the control system, including our state of the art IntelliTop 2.0 control unit.

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