Environmental monitoring of clean rooms

Clean rooms and other critical environments require high-performance environmental measurements to operate regularly and within specifications.

The measurement and recording of temperature, humidity and positive pressure are strict quality parameters in a clean room environment. ECN Automation has the experience and knowledge to advise you on environmental quality compliance in clean rooms.

Clean room monitoring characteristics

  • Extensive connectivity with existing systems
  • Ease of system scalability to multiple locations
  • Parameters to be measured: temperature, relative humidity, dew point, absolute pressure, air injection flow, particles in the air and gas analysis
  • Generation of reports and personalized information
  • Monitoring through dashboard on mobile devices
  • Generation of local alarms and in text formats, email, to mobile devices

Monitoring at all times

The monitoring system assists in the classification of clean rooms and their certification through easy-to-use software. Data loggers have built-in temperature and humidity sensors, and can include analog sensors for pressure, airflow velocity, and particles to manage and monitor all parameters from reporting software.

All cleanroom test protocol and report documentation can be customized to your specifications to help support compliance with IEST, ISO, WHO, PIC/S GMP guidelines, as well as other standards and guides.

The standards and regulations of the global clean room regulators are:

US FDA Federal Standard 209E
European Union Standard GMP
British Standard BS 5295
Australian Standard AS 1386
French Standard X44101 of AFNOR
German standard VD I.2083
ISO 14644-1 Standard

Alarm notification

This solution based on Win-911 software allows notifications of alarms generated in the controllers or HMI to be sent to:

  • Cellphone via SMS text message
  • Voice messages to voice over ip devices or speakers via TAPI
  • Email notifications
  • IOS and Android devices through mobile application
  • Connectivity with any brand of PLC (via OPC protocol)
  • Web-based configuration tool
  • Configuration tool allows the creation of escalations for alarms, where the different users, schedules and escalations necessary for the alarms are defined

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