Integration projects are the combination of reliable products, knowledge and experience in custom solutions for our clients.

Optimize your systems and processes with scalable solutions custom made. This offer includes consulting, necessity analysis, start-up and service during your process’ execution. Existing information is used effciently and we systematically integrate your data in to your IT systems for optimizing your process.

These are some of the possibilities at your disposal:

(IMS) Inventory monitoring solutions

Solutions for inventory management

Reduce your inventory management costs and increase your inventory productivity.
We can help you by integrating your supply chain, all relevant system and measuring technologies, we also provide adequate monitoring software that helps optimizing your stock and supply chain.

Inventory monitoring

From easy storage and silos monitoring up to high precision measurement in deposits for custody transfer (billing). We offer all relevant measuring technologies and scalable software adequate for monitoring and stock management.

Storage terminal management

Storage terminal management systems manage product distribution such as oil, gas, chemicals, etc. Among the system’s tasks is the automation of terminals providing total solutions that go from reception, storage to delivery. The solutions include static, dynamic editing and data management.

Supply chain solutions

Our supply chain solutions offer optimized planning and execution, also more reliability in the supply chain. We give full support in the planning, configuration and maintenance service of measurement equipment and inventory management systems, as well as the integration of all this information into your ERP system.

(FMS) Flow metering solutions

Flow metering solutions

Custody transfer solutions (billing) and reliable piping measuring systems for liquids and gases.
We guarantee maximum accuracy in all your loading processes, complying particularly with oil & gas or food industries norms on measurement of custody transfer. Our solutions are certified in order to bring transparency and peace to your daily business while reducing costs

Measuring solutions for billing

We offer certified flow metering systems for billing, as well as service and support. Our Coriolis flowmeter needs minimal maintenance and recalibration.

Large size meter availability allows for the management of a larger number of transportation units every day, increasing your fuel transfer capacity and guaranteeing accuracy and transparency during the process. Our standardized processes, ISO 9001 certified, guarantee the highest quality in our products and services.

Bunker fuel supply and measuring system

Our Bunker fuel supply and measuring system is based on Coriolis mass measuring principle, used successfully in custody transfer applications (billing) in the oil & gas industry for decades.

It gets rid of conventional meter problems and guarantees maximum transparency during the filling process of fuel deposits.
This system, developed and patented by specialists, ensures that air bubbles are considered in the measurement during the drainage of the deposits.

(ES) Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

With a constant monitoring system using meaningful key performance indicators (KPI), operators, supervisors and management personnel are kept informed and is possible to have a constructive energy management. The right measuring solution, combined with our consulting and service functions, is the key to its optimization. We offer not only measuring equipment but also full energy solutions custom made, which cover a complete array of auxiliary applications of cold/hot water, compressed air, natural gas, electricity and steam.

Smart energy solutions for heating systems

Energy allocation to specific areas and processes is one of the key factors in energy management systems (e.g. ISO 50001) and essential for a transparent balance.
The accurate measurement of heat energy per production unit or per m³ and per year reveals itself essential to evaluate the system’s performance and useful for the optimization of production processes.

Smart energy solutions on scale for cooling systems

Cooling energy represents a huge part of the global energy cost in many industries. A small saving in energy consumption represents a big saving.
The essential condition for an effcient measurement is knowing the system’s characteristics in different performance conditions

Smart energy solutions on scale for compressed air systems

Compressed air systems are complex and frequently “grow over time”. A continuous monitoring of the system and the use of key performance indicators (KPI), keep everyone involved informed.
In addition, energy management can be done constructively. Since up to 85% of the total costs of a compressed air system constitute energy costs, investment in measuring technology and equipment is compensated in short time.

Smart energy solutions on scale for steam systems

A typical steam boiler usually consumes several times its initial cost in fuel over the years. A boiler’s investment cost can be easily up to five times less than its annual fuel consumption.
Consequently, a difference in percentage of just a few points in the boiler’s effciency can represent an important fuel saving. Our smart energy solutions for steam systems help you monitor your boiler’s effciency.

Smart energy solutions on scale for residual water

Increasing energy costs worry plant’s operators. In many plants, 50% of the energy is used in the aeration system or pumping systems.
A comparison of key performance indicators (KPI) based on power consumption, flow and pressure is useful in order to discover low performance situations and keep all systems well.

Connectivity and integration smart energy solutions

Energy costs represent every time a higher portion of the total industrial production cost. That’s why, the number of energy applications, measurement and energy data grows constantly.
Systems’ architecture are every time more heterogeneous and energy data integration in superior level systems is required in order to link data consumption with costs. With our connectivity and integration smart energy solutions we can help you establish that link.

(LAS) Liquid analytical solutions

Liquid analytical solutions

According to your process’ needs, we develop analytical solutions suited to our clients, such as panels, cabinets or monitoring stations and aeration control systems for residual water treatment plants. We offer support since design phase, during the process, until its start-up and during the whole life cycle of your solution.

Analytical monitoring stations

We provide analytical monitoring stations in containers and cabinets which are designed to achieve the highest reliability and functionality levels. They come complete with state of the art technology which makes on-field installation easier, faster, and economical. Also, you will take advantage of all the documentation created upon its specifics.

Analytical monitoring panels

Modular and easy to adapt analytical monitoring panels for multiple applications.
Our panels will simplify analytical measuring tasks in several industrial areas, such as energy, chemical, oil & gas, water, residual water and mining areas. With or without sample conditioning, our panel solutions are modular, scalable and suited for all kinds of applications

pH and Redox measuring automation

pH measuring automation makes sensor maintenance considerably easier: the job is limited to replacing sensors, patterns and cleaning solutions. Everything else is done automatically by the system, offering constant quality, which is hard to obtain manually. This opens up time for the plant’s personnel to do other process activities.

Phosphate extraction from residual water automation

Optimize your precipitant dosage and generate an important saving. Dosage performs at an optimal level if your plant is kept inside alarm values and does not use more precipitant than necessary.
How do we optimize phosphate precipitation?
By using Liquiline Control system. It doses the precipitant automatically according to the real load and its alarm value of phosphate. This translates into a reliable phosphate precipitation.

Nitrogen extraction from residual water automation

For an optimal nitrogen reduction, it is necessary the coordination of nitrification/denitrification processes. On the one side, this means to be in control of oxygenation during the activation of sludge according to the load and individual alarm values.
On the other side, it implies the coordination of the nitrification/denitrification phases. Our Liquiline Control system will help you with this task, guaranteeing nitrogen’s extraction and optimization of the amount of energy needed for it.

(PAS) Process analysis solutions

Process analyzer solutions

Laser-based measurement technologies such as Raman spectroscopy and Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) continue to gain ground over alternative methods such as gas chromatography or mass spectrometry. With no moving parts and very little sampling needed, the process analyzers used as such are easier to maintain and provide highly accurate results in seconds. This enables smarter control of rapidly changing processes in real time, without human exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Our analytical solutions provide fast, real-time measurement of chemical compositions with minimal operational costs and safety risks. We are experts in developing custom analytical solutions that overcome unique measurement challenges, including the design of probes, analyzer racks, and process-specific shelters.

Raman Spectroscopy

Reaction end point detection and kinetic control. Polymerization in an emulsion produces a wide range of polymeric materials, including paints, adhesives, and synthetic rubbers. This type of reaction is carried out within an aqueous environment where the monomer species is kept within a single phase with a suitable surfactant or emulsifier. Raman spectroscopy is well suited for monitoring these reactions insofar as it is sensitive to the measurement of specific double bonds and does not suffer from interference from the aqueous matrix.

TDLAS analyzers

TDLAS analyzers monitor the quality of feed gases by selectively measuring contaminants such as ammonia (NH3), moisture (H2O), or acetylene (C2H2). These measures help improve process control, meet product specifications, prevent catalyst poisoning, and minimize flaring. The analyzers provide reliable measurements in seconds, allowing quick actions. We offer complete analyzer solutions comprising a sample conditioning and extraction system and suitable analyzer housings.

Kaiser-Raman analyzers

Online monitoring of product properties and quality. Polymerization reactions are often carried out in a semi-continuous mode. This allows careful control of product composition to create high performance materials with finely tuned custom properties. During the reaction, strict control of reagent concentrations is necessary to avoid unwanted properties in the final product. Simply adding the reagents in the correct ratio is insufficient.

(FNE) Field network engineering

Field Network Engineering

Smart equipment today provides valuable information about field equipment and helps improve both its operation and maintenance. The challenge for projects using field buses lies mainly in the knowledge required to manage the complexity and risks involved in integrating the project's equipment, engineering and field services. We offer you adequate support from the beginning and achieve correct project management, as well as an easy transfer of a fully operational plant. Built-in security, reliability and availability from the start.

Field network design and engineering

Our design and engineering services ensure that appropriate technology is used for the application, the best instruments and network components are selected, and that all networks are designed according to project guidelines.
We also help with specification in design and provide all necessary documentation for installation and validation.

Start-up and commissioning of the field network

We will ensure that all equipment is correctly integrated into your PLC / DCS equipment system, we will check that they are configured correctly and, in the event of network instabilities, we will find the cause. We offer consulting services in verification and network management, as well as training. All projects are completed with FAT (factory acceptance test) and SAT (site acceptance test).

Audit and maintenance of the field network

Regular maintenance is key to the stable operation of the field network. Our maintenance services provide expert assistance in identifying and resolving problems with the network. We carry out checkups at agreed intervals, but we will attend the plant immediately if a major breakdown occurs. Our audit services allow you to check the stability and performance of an existing field network, as well as future devices and modifications to it.

Instruction and training

afe integration of third-party instruments and devices into control systems is only possible if your personnel have the knowledge to do so.
Courses for all major communication technologies (HART, WirelessHART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS DP / PA, Industrial Ethernet) ensure your team is up to the task. Our experienced instructors and engineers will make sure your staf get the knowledge they need.

Fieldbus technology

What will it be: HART, WirelessHART, PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, MODBUS, or EtherNet / IP? With us as advisors, you can be sure that you have selected the most suitable technology for your application. We have a complete catalog of smart devices for each technology and we help you select those that best suit your application. Our Field Network Engineering offer includes expert support in all stages of the plant life cycle.

(PAM) Plant asset management

Plant Asset Management (PAM)

Our Plant Asset Management (PAM) service helps you optimize the management of field teams from the engineering phase to the operational phase. We provide asset information throughout the entire life cycle of the plant: from technology and solutions for accessing and managing information, to integrating it into your own business processes and IT infrastructure. Our service staff provides assistance with all questions about field equipment from engineering to maintenance optimization.

Asset information management

Whether you need information to improve the management of your spare parts, traceability of historical equipment records of key events, or monitoring of critical aspects, up-to-date information on your assets is always available quickly. Our online tools allow you to manage operational information anytime or anywhere. Combined with plant asset management software (Plant Asset Management Plan, PAM) and customized services, these tools allow you to optimize maintenance tasks on a daily basis.

Management of equipment configuration tasks

Our team can take care of device configuration through a point-to-point connection using mobile clients or digital communication based on open communication standards and device integration technology.
Our solutions work in parallel with the controllers, separating the tasks of process control and asset management. All of this, along with our installed base analysis, ensures maximum performance from your plant asset information - even for third-party equipment.

Management of calibration tasks

Manage your calibration and documentation activities with a single system. Always have everything ready for audits and take advantage of the valuable information provided by key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you optimize your calibration schedule.
Our calibration services range from management contracts and training in calibration tasks, to complete planning, installation and commissioning of calibration systems in accordance with good industrial manufacturing practices.

Solution to compliance with the Mexican standard NMX-AA-179-SCFI-2018
Measurement of volumes of national waters used, exploited or seized.

It is vitally important to support our clients regarding the characteristics and specifications for the selection, installation and operation of the meters and measurement systems for the use, exploitation or utilization of national waters; the methodology to measure the aforementioned volumes and the sending of the measurement data to the National Water Commission, as established in the NMX-AA-179-SCFI-2018 and that is why the panel for the measurement of UTR53 flow with strict adherence to what is established in the standard.

Ensure NMX-AA-179-SCFI-2018 Compliance with Endress + Hauser

The measurement of water volumes is important to achieve an integral management of the water resource and ensure the public interests established by the National Water Law.
Our solution has been developed for the measurement and transmission of data in Flow under pressure and Flow through free surface applications. The UTR53 Panel complies with everything established in normative appendix J of the aforementioned NMX-AA-179-SFCI-2018.

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