Continuous level measurement is a very important process variable either for control, inventory or safety applications is vital information needed for your plant operation.

There are two main types of products to measure level liquids or bulks, with many different characteristics, water base, hydrocarbons, chemicals, powders, granulates, with foam presence, turbulence surface or dusty atmosphere so the selection of the correct level measurement instrument need the assistance of an expert to get the best result for your process.


Measurement Principle

A gamma ray source, consisting of a cesium or cobalt isotope, emits radiation that is attenuated as it passes through materials. The measurement is based on the absorption that radiation undergoes by the measured product and that depends on changes in its level. The measurement system consists of a source, a radioactive source container, and a compact transmitter as a receiver.


Universal application for liquids, biphasic liquid-gas or steam, and solids

Long-standing and widely accepted measurement

Suitable for extreme conditions, up to 420 bar and 1000 ° C

Robust and fully mechanical primary elements, with no moving parts

Measurement accuracy from ± 1% to ± 3% depending on the version

Wide range of nominal diameters: restriction type instruments: DN10 to 1000 (3/8” to 40”) Pitot tube: up to DN 12000 (480”)

Changing the transmitter without interrupting the process


Gammapilot FMG50
The compact two-wire transmitter for level detection, level measurement, interface and density.

Gammapilot FMG60
Compact 4-wire transmitter for level detection, continuous level measurement, and density and interface measurement.

Gamma modulator FHG65
Effective removal of background radiation and external radiation on the Gammapilot FMG60.

Radioactive source container FQG60
Radioactive source container with manual beam opening and closing.

Radioactive source container FQG61 / 62
Lightweight radioactive source container with bracket for manual or pneumatic activation / deactivation.

Radioactive source container FQG63
Lightweight radioactive source container with flexible extension element.

Radioactive source container FQG66
Radioactive source container with support slide rod for manual or pneumatic on / off.

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