IoT Connectivity

IoT Connectivity

IoT connectivity technologies provide the network infrastructure and communication capabilities that IoT devices require to collect, communicate and exchange data over the Internet and to be monitored and controlled remotely.

IoT connectivity covers a range of communication technologies implemented in IoT projects and solutions, including:

  • Low consumption wide area network, LPWAN: Sigfox, LoRa Wan, NB-IoT
  • Mobile: 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G
  • Short-range wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee
  • Satellite: VSAT, BGAN and the newer satellite-based LPWAN

IoT connectivity diagram



  • Improve efficiency
    The integration of data from different local or remote devices and plant or machinery level systems with IoT technology allows an overview of very valuable information for process efficiency and agility to solve a problem in time.
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses
    The breadth of information from multiple devices connected by IoT technology allows greater analysis to detect waste, scrap, low usage, in general unnecessary expenses that we can avoid.
  • Improve customer service
    IoT devices have made it possible for consumers to share data in real time and for companies to react better and faster. The monitoring capabilities also allow them to detect and correct problems before customers even detect them.

IoT connectivity

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