Field services

Instrumentation and control field services

Production continuity and plant efficiency depents on the instrumentation and control assets. These assets require special field services deployed by experts.


Proper commissioning is essential for the optimal performance of your equipment. Up to 90% of failures and damages in the first 6 months of instrument operation are caused by improper commissioning.

Scope of commissioning:

  • Verification of installation according to the manufacturer’s specification and standards
  • Connections: signal, network, and power
  • Configuration according to the application
  • Testing and validation of correct operation
  • On-site training for plant personnel on optimal operation
  • Commissioning report

Kind of field devices:

  • Flow, level, pressure, temperature, analyzers, density, humidity, vibration, weighing field instruments
  • Protection and safety instruments: Gas and flame detectors, conveyor belt protection, metal detectors
  • Valves: Control valves, automatic on-off valves, electric, neumatic and hydraulic actuators, positioners
  • Control devices: VFD, solid state starters
  • Recorders, loop controllers, field indicators

Field instrument maintenance

At ECN Automation we have a wide portfolio of services to improve your maintenance plan. We can help you to define the best maintenance solution to your plant.

Types of contracts:

  • Maintenance policies with spare parts
  • Preventive maintenance policies
  • Contracts on demand
  • By event

Field devices:

  • Instruments: Flow, level, pressure, temperature
  • Analysis: pH, conductivity, dissolved O2, residual chlorine, turbidity, colorimeters
  • Density
  • Gas humidity
  • Moisture in oil, granulated and powders
  • Vibration elements
  • Dust detectors
  • Conveyor belt weighting
  • Conveyor belt protection
  • Valves and actuators

Installation services

It is not steelwork, it is not structural mechanics, it is not medium or low tension, it is instrumentation and control that must comply with specifications, regulatory standards and best practices to ensure safe and reliable process operation.

Scope of services:

  • Instruments and valves mounting
  • Electrical installation of signal, network, and power
  • Compressed air pipeline for neumatic valves
  • Fittings

We offer these services tailor-made, whether is a:

  • Single device installation
  • Set of devices
  • Main instrumentation contractor for greenfield and brownfield projects

Outsourcing services

The outsourcing service is defined when our clients request qualified personnel to perform specialty tasks as part of their own staff.

Types of contracts:

  • Event defined as an annual shutdown
  • To complement specialty capacity in operations or a project
  • For eventualities, in peaks of work or turnover
  • By defined monthly, annual or multi-year period of time


  • Field instrumentation
  • Gas and flame detectors
  • Control valves
  • Control panels
  • Multiplatform control systems

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