Operation Suite

Operation Suite

We have more than 2000 projects implemented with Rockwell Automation software solutions; These solutions range from HMI’s at machine level, standalone to distributed systems that control a complete plant.

Rockwell Automation Operation Suite includes:

FactoryTalk View

FactoryTalk View provides robust and reliable functionality in a single software package that scales from a standalone HMI system to a distributed supervisor solution. FactoryTalk View faces HMI challenges in process applications, in batch and discrete, in a single software solution.

FactoryTalk Historian

FactoryTalk Historian provides a structured database to get real-time process and production information. It uses standard interfaces and automates installation procedures with Logix control systems. Additionally, it can be configured for interoperability with other control systems.

FactoryTalk Batch

It is an application that helps us to get batch solutions that apply in a single control and information system, taking care of the quality and capacity of the production, power consumption and material optimization, reducing variation of processes and human intervention. With FT Batch solution developed by ECN you get a modern batch control system that can endure flexible production capabilities and standardized customer procedures.

Our solutions include integration in a virtualized server system and able to access by mobile devices.


This thin client management software enables control and security on a sustainable and scalable platform. The thin client architecture provides users with familiar applications and tools in a format that reduces administration and maintenance costs while increasingsecurity.

ThinManager software acts as a centralized management solution that seamlessly integrates with industrial computers and thin clients.

FactoryTalk CraftBrew

We have experience in the implementation of FactoryTalk CraftBrew software with a focus on process control for Craft Breweries. The focus of this solution is in the processes of: Cooking House, Fermentation, Filtration / Separation, Heating and Cooling of Waters.
Some of the features of this solution are:

  • Facilitates the adoption of an automatic control system in craft breweries
  • Recipe management and intuitive navigation
  • Configurable platform for the cooking and fermentation area
  • Documented library
  • Standard reports that reflect batch information
  • Configurable and scalable application

FactoryTalk Metrics

We have experience in the implementation of KPI’s monitoring solutions based on FactoryTalk Metrics, this tool allows to monitor 16 preconfigured KPI’s such as OEE, MTTR, MTBR, Scrap, among others, additionally it facilitates the creation of custom KPI’s, its configuration creates a model of the plant allowing the consultation of information at the plant, area, line and machine level. It is possible to integrate controllers of different brands; the visualization of the dashboards and reports is through a web page.

FactoryTalk Transaction Manager

We have experience in the implementation of data integration solutions through Transaction Manager allowing to carry process information from sources such as controllers and SCADA systems to databases, with various connection methods. Additionally, we can create bidirectional transactions that allow the writing of data from a database in controller tags.

Maintenence Suite

We have extensive experience from plenty of projects developed by implementing Rockwell Automation maintenance software solutions.

FactoryTalk Asset Centre

ECN Automation has experience in the implementation of asset management solutions through Asset Centre, this software allows you to manage the instrumentation and controllers of your plant allowing the following tasks:

  • Management of security policies for access to the control systemRecord of changes made by users in controller programs
  • Control of program versions
  • Disaster recovery module allows to restore the last “stable” version of the program
  • Manage instrument settings and calibration

FactoryTalk Network Manager

FactoryTalk Network Manager software helps increase network visibility, facilitate troubleshooting, and simplify setup and maintenance. Gain insight into your network operations by taking a closer look at the devices connected to your manufacturing environment.

  • Management of security policies for access to the control system
  • Record of changes made by users in controller programs
  • Control of program versions

ECN Automation
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