PTFE/PFA and ceramic lined control valves

PTFE or PFA lined control valves with even thickness without cavities.

Lined valves by Pfeiffer combine the excellent mechanical properties of metallic bodies with the corrosion resistance of fluorocarbons, such as PFA and PTFE.

PFA lined globe control valve

Pfeiffer 1b PFA lined globe control valve is designed for general service applications up to ANSI 150. This applications focus on highly corrosive media found in chemical processes.

Pfeiffer 1b can be assembled with a pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or electrohydraulic actuator offered by SAMSON as well for completion of the control valve. These control valves are designed according to modular mounting principle; they can be equipped with SAMSON GROUP actuators and valve accessories such as positioners, limit switches and solenoid valves.


Size: 1 "through 4"

Class ANSI: 150

Std. Materials: PFA lined cast iron

Temperature: 14 to 392 or F (-10 to 200 or C)

Segmented Ball and Ball Valve

Cera System offers wear and corrosion resistant ball valves for open / close and control applicaction.

Ball Valve • KST

Ball valve lined with ceramics for open/close and control function resistant to wear, corrosion, high pressure and temperatures.


All metallic materials for the case

Plastic case (e.g., PP or PVDF)

Fire resistant design

TA-Luft model

High temperature model (KST-HT type)

Wafer type

Chemical model (type KSC)

Common applications

  • Thermal power plant (coal operated)
    Fuel gas desulfurization plant, lyme milk, gypsum slurry, high chloride process water and solids.

  • Steel Plants
    Pulverized coal injection (PCI), Electric arc furnace (EAF), desulphurization of pig iron.

  • Residue incineration plants
    HCL pre-washers, lime milk suspension for pH regeneration, low pH washing water injection (corrosive)

  • Pulp and Paper Plants
    Ink área, kaolin, bentonite, loads, dyes, bleachers, powder, cellulose residues, lyme milk, MgO2, green liquor, wooden particles in suspension.

  • Copper Mining
    Copper concentrate pulp (flotation), pneumatic transport of pulverized copper concentrate to smelting.

Wear and corrosion resistant disc valve

Wear and corrosion resistant disc valves for open/close and control function. With this type of construction, the fluid runs through ceramic only.

Disc Valve-SVC parallel 4-gate valve

The SVC-type valve is a disc slide valve with a ceramic sealing system for open/close function and control tasks, for use in highly corrosive and extremely abrasive media. It is designed for extreme conditions, where either high switching frequencies and a long service life are required, or where severe abrasion occurs in the control position but dead space cannot be permitted inside the valve.


With compression gland packing

With sealing gas connection

Various ceramics and sealing materials

Typical application areas

  • Iron and steel
    Crude iron desulphurizaton (additives supply: CaC, Mg…)

  • Chemical industry
    Alternative to PTFE/PFA-lined valves, where medium is abrasive and/or tends to diffusion.

  • Pigments
    Suspension TiO2, Ti3CI4, H2SO4 + Ti02, FeCl2

  • Pulp and paper plants
    Area of inks, kaolin, bentonite, fillers / loads, dyes, bleaches, talc. Cellulose residues, lime milk, MgO2, Green liquor, suspended wood particles.

  • Fertilizer
    Ammonium nitrate slurry, phosphoric acid with solids (lime), dolomite, wash water containing hydrofluoric acid.

  • Biofuel
    Dosing of puree, XtL, etc.

  • Life sciences
    Dose of toothpaste, abrasive environment with risk of contamination.

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