Integrated System for: Storage and Distribution Terminals

Integrated System for: Storage and Distribution Terminals

A hydrocarbon storage and distribution terminal, by nature, needs systems that guarantee its efficiency, productivity and safety. Use of the right IT, control software and hardware is paramount for this purpose. Field elements specification such as instrumentation and 100% reliable valves, is at the same time of great importance.

Terminals integrated solution developed by ECN Automation includes the following systems:

  • Terminal Administration System (TAS)
  • Data center
  • Inventory
  • Load and unload skid
  • Emergency shut down system
  • Spill prevention system
  • Fire & gas system
  • CCTV system
  • Voice and data

Terminal Administration System (TAS)

This system involves everything related to the terminal’s functioning, supply and distribution transport units, the following systems are integrated as TAS subsystems: Inventory control, SPPE, SPDD, SGYF. This way TAS provides executive information for the global administration of the terminal.

Data Center

All the information from the plant’s systems produces information that is saved and distributed to the system users in the servers or virtual system.

Control and Monitoring System

It manages information transferred from the instrumentation installed in the tanks, piping, reception areas and petroleum product dispatch. In case of a level, temperature or pressure deviation it signs an alarm, it also provides man-machine interface with real time information to hand the operator control over load, download and transfer pumps.

Inventory Control

Measuring instrumentation and certified controllers in custody transfer according to API, they are grouped in a reliable system for the terminal’s optimal operation from an accounting and results standpoint.

Loading and Unloading Skids

Measuring, conditioning and filtrating hydrocarbon equipment in pack for dispatch at loading and unloading stations complying with custody transfer regulation.

Emergency Shut Down System

Instrumentation safety system designed to setting the terminal into a safe state if critical variables which it monitors step outside the parameters, these variables may include levels, pressure and/or temperature. This safe state includes a sequential shut down without endangering other operations, complying with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 norms.

Fire & Gas System

Mitigation system in case of unwanted accident which monitors the plant to detect spills and fire acting in two ways: first letting the personnel know so they can get to safety, activating the firefighting system and calling the authorities.

CCTV System

For the safety of your property it is always recommended to keep an eye in the plant and its surroundings, this lets us know the presence of intruders who might threaten our facilities, this is a monitoring and camera system that lets you monitor, record and detect intruders automatically.

Voice and Data

Within the evacuation plan, a voicing system is contemplated to give your personnel indications in case of danger, live and through automatic recordings.

Terminals integral system architecture

Storage and distribution terminals

Measuring skid in unloading station

Tank leaking and fire detection

Control system panel

Measuring skid in loading station

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