Main Instrumentation Contractor (MIC)

Brown field and green field projects are extensive in field devices such as measuring instruments, safety devices, and control valves, all of them require the knowledge of an expert to ensure a success project.

Scope of service:

  • Project Manager
  • Electrical installation
  • Communication networks installation
  • Pre-commissioning of each instrument
  • Field mounting
  • Field commissioning of each device
  • Comprehensive control loop and control room commissioning
  • As build engineering
  • Reports and documentation dossier
  • Training

Project Done

ECN Automation has designed the Project Done® methodology based on PMI, ANSI and CSIA to ensure as success on time project.

The execution of these projects also requires compliance with safety regulations, quality procedures and environmental compliance to achieve an accident-free, functional and sustainable project. ECN Automation has competent personnel to ensure these requirements.

Case studies.


Solvent extraction and electrolytical deposition plant


Assembly, commissioning, loop testing of approximately 630 instruments.


Extraction Plant


Assembly, commissioning, loop testing and calibration of approximately 1,200 instruments.


Dynamic Leaching Plant


Assembly, commissioning, and calibration of approximately 660 instruments.

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