Vibration Analysis

Specialized systems for vibration analysis with designed solutions according to its application, from rotating machinery to electric turbines.

Pump and fan protection

Compact monitor system VC 1800


Field modules, DIN rail for 4 input channels for seismic sensors VC-1850, Velocity sensors VC-1860 and VC-1870 proximity

4 outputs 4-20 mA outputs or alarm relays, Modbus RS-485

6 measurement results per channel

Extremely flexible with modular link option

Time wave-form recording and data storage


Turbomachine and compressors protection

Machine Protection System - VibroControl 6000

The machine protection system VIBROCONTROL 6000® easily adapts to all kinds of applications and protects all types of rotating machinery. Its modular set-up with flexible measurement modules adapts to any kind of vibration monitoring requirement.


Modular design allows the systems to adapt specifically to the application

Totally self-sufficient and independent

It complies with all requirements of all proper standards (API 670, rev. 4; DIN ISO 10816; DIN ISO 7919)

19” modular case in reduced height (3HE), suitable for installation in panels of 400mm depth

Smaller machines can be monitored efficiently with instrumentation for 24 or 36 channels

It uses common control signals between multiple racks when instrumentation is for bigger machines with more than 48 channels

Electric generator and aero generator protection

VC-8000 machinery protection system

VC-8000 provides standard solutions for continuous machinery monitoring, which can be configured to meet your needs. We have pre-built applications for every machinery asset type – including, steam, gas and hydro turbines, reciprocating and rotating compressors, and many more.


Full API 670 compliance

56 channels in just 19” of rack space

Dual- and even triple-redundant power

Easy upgrade to condition monitoring with SETPOINT® CMS Software

Embedded ultra-high resolution “flight recorder” to capture up to one full year of condition monitoring data – even without a Condition Monitoring server

Machine states and multi-state alarming

Fully remote access

DDAU3 Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring (Aerogenerators)

DDAU3 is the latest generation that greatly exceeds its predecessors. It is a flexible, state-of-the-art machine monitoring unit with powerful built-in analysis capabilities. DDAU3 is able to perform today’s most demanding condition monitoring and diagnostic tasks


Optimized for systems integration

Scalable and fully flexible

Simple to upgrade

End-to-end security: cybersecurity tailored to your needs

Cost-effective and high quality diagnostic services

True edge device

Onboard analytics

Diverse interfaces

ECN Automation
offers comprehensive solutions.

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