Valve and actuator maintenance

Many problems with control valves can be prevented by carrying out a correct maintenance, with the benefit of extend its useful life in optimal operation.

Valve and actuator service

ECN Automation has the skills and experience to provide a high professional service to control valves and actuators.

Our experience extends to other unlisted brands.

Valves and actuators:

  • Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators
  • Positioners, regulators and position sensors
  • Shutoff valves: butterfly, ball, knife
  • Control valves: globe, rotatory
  • Safety and relief valves

Scope of services:

  • Commissioning to ensure optimal performance
  • Control valve tunning
  • Safety and relief valve calibration
  • Failure state conversion
  • Valve-actuator-positioner set up
  • Replacement wear elements
  • Spare parts

Refurbish service

Refurbish service allows you to extend the life of control valves without affecting their optimal functionality, and increase savings compare with new valve acquisition.

Service scope:

  • Total disassembly
  • Chemical cleaning and sandblasting
  • Inspection of the internal parts of the valve and replacement if necessary
  • Actuator inspection and parts replacement if necessary
  • Exterior paint
  • Valve and actuator assembly
  • Seal and stroke tests
  • Positioner calibration
ECN Automation
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