Vortex Flowmeters

Flow, whether volumetric or mass, is one of the most measured variables in industrial processes. Water, natural gas, steam, oil, chemicals, and wastewater are just a few examples of the different liquids or gases that are measured on a daily basis. As there is no universal technology suitable for all of these applications, we offer you the support to choose the right tecnology and sizing.

Vortex flowmeters

Measurement Principle

This measurement principle is based on the turbulence that forms when a fluid passes through an obstacle. Inside each vortex flowmeter, there is an obstacle in the center of the pipe. When the speed of the flow reaches a certain value, vortices form behind this obstacle. The frequency of vortex shedding is directly proportional to the average flow velocity, and, therefore, to the volumetric flow.


Applicable for the measurement of liquids, gases, and steam

It is largely unaffected by changes in pressure, density, temperature and viscosity

High long-term stability: no zero-point drift and lifetime K-factor. Measurement accuracy ± 0.75% standard and ± 0.65% optional

No moving parts and little pressure loss. Easy installation and commissioning

Nominal sizes available DN15 to DN300 (1/2” to 12”), Max. 250 bar, -200 to 450 ° C

High scalability from typically 10: 1 to 30: 1 for gas / steam, or up to 40: 1 for liquids


Prowirl D
Waffer version

Prowirl F
Versatile for standard applications

Prowirl R
Low flow applications

Prowirl O
High pressure applications

Prowirl C
Special applications

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