Induction furnace cooling system

Induction furnace cooling system

The cooling system of an induction furnace is a critical process in the production of steel since an imbalance in temperature affects the operation and in the worst case a water leak in this circuit close to the pot of molten metal can have serious consequences.


To control the cooling circuit of an induction furnace, it is necessary to measure the temperature and the flow at the inlet and outlet, since we must detect a leak, but the change of state of the cooling fluid due to a temperature gradient.

The key elements of this circuit are:

  1. Flowmeters at the inlet and outlet. Please pay attention to the following details during sensor selection:
    1. The repeatability of the systems. In a leak detection system, the accuracy of a flow system is important. More important is repeatability. This parameter defines the deviation in % in different repetitions of the same volume measured by the sensor.
    2. The selection of the measurement principle is very important since the induction furnace generates very intense electric fields that can affect an electromagnetic flow meter. In these cases, we recommend using alternatives such as ultrasound or vortex.
  1. Temperature gauges: These sensors are needed to compensate the degree of expansion of the water by temperature. Also it is important to use temperature transmitters to avoid measurement variations caused by cable resistance.
  2. Two shut-off valves and one automatic valve for flow regulation.

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