Inventory management in tanks and loading/unloading system control

This solution designed by ECN Automation allows inventory monitoring in tanks, as well as a pipe loading and unloading control through the printing of tickets.

Inventory control

For the right inventory control it is necessary to have the right instrument for it, among our product portfolio we have different functioning principles for the accurate application.

At ECN Automation we integrate these signals and develop the adequate solution for each need, from a simple local monitoring system, to a completely integrated solution to your plant ERP system.

Installation costs can be at a minimum level using wireless solutions. You can use application solutions for a single site or multiple sites. With this solution you will reduce the risk of running out of raw material to the minimum or you can use it for inventory managed by the supplier.

Loading and unloading bay control

The loading-unloading system allows you to record counting by printing a ticket instantly containing all the transaction information, the printer is located on the panel’s door which guarantees its protection against hitting or dropping.


Inventory tanks different product

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