Process efficiency and energy savings

The starting point for process efficiency is an initial analysis of the current situation to determine those areas in which making improvements we can be able to have energy savings such as: boilers, compressors, water consumption, fuel consumption, electricity, among others.

Benefits of the energy management standard:

  • Reduce energy costs, optimize energy consumption
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Create transparency in the management of energy resources
  • Improve green house or CO2 emissions management
  • Guarantee compliance of all legal requirements and regulations
  • Benefit through tax breaks related to energy or carbon dioxide or any other grant (from government or environmental programs)

Energy saving solutions::

Boiler efficiency

Either for determining the current performance of your boiler equipment, optimizing plant operation or evaluating combustion gas consumption, you can rely on our industry experience and knowledge.

Improvement of boiler control and plant safety through advanced measurement and monitoring solutions. Efficiency through compliance and consumption-unit cost.

Compressor efficiency

Compressed air systems are constituted by pneumatic piping networks that go through the whole plant up to the production stations, along this way and at the places where compressed air is used tend to be micro-leaks and non-efficient operations.

It is important to install a compressed air measuring network through sections of the plant and generate KPI’s like consuming graphics that indicate operators and supervising personnel out of production consumption and increase so they can make efficient assertive decisions.

System advantages:

  • Early leak detection
  • Lower consumption during no-production periods
  • Avoid compressor working for long periods
  • Lower unplanned maintenance tasks and unproductive time
  • Compare efficiency of different production departments and different company plants in a centralized way

Thermal type compressed air meters

Compressor performance and operation report

Plant energy consumption

The plant energy consumption system has the goal of monitoring and recording all relevant distributed plant consumption areas of different energetics and water; with this information and plant production energy and production index reports and graphics are generated.

  • Water
  • Power
  • Steam
  • Liquid or gas fuel
  • Compressed air
  • Departments, areas and equipment (hierarchy models)

Energy consumption report

Power consumption

Steam consumption

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