Analytical measurement

Environmental protection, product quality assurance, process optimization and safety are just some of the reasons why liquid analysis is becoming an increasingly necessary task.

Liquids like water, soft drinks, dairy products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals need to be tested every day. From standard sensors to complete analytical stations - we provide innovative technology for the analysis of all parameters in liquid applications.

Analytical measurement system

The typical configuration of an analytical measurement system is made up of the four elements and there are also variants of equipment that can do without some of them.


Connection cable


Sensor holder


Transmitters are an essential part at the point of measurement. They process the value measured by the sensor and display it for further processing. They allow the measurement point to be exactly adjusted to the operating and process conditions while performing regulation tasks.

Endress+Hauser transmitter concept includes Liquisys transmitters and Liquiline platform. The latter offers from economical Liquiline CM14 equipment of a single parameter to high performance Liquiline CM42 with a 2 thread tech or the multichannel and multiparameter Liquiline CM44. This controller lets you connect up to 8 sensors at the same time with Memosens technology for any parameter combination. It presents an integrated web server that allows the user remote access to device’s parameters through any Internet browser. It also provides digital protocols such as, HART, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP or Modbus for a complete integration in process control.

Complete with Liquiline Compact, the smallest sensor transmitter with Memosens connection head. It is especially adequate for limited space mounting and can be used with any smartphone or tablet through a safe Bluetooth connection.

Liquiline CM14

1-channel transmitter for panel mounting. Based on digital Memosens technology for pH/redox, conductivity or dissolved oxygen concentration

Liquiline compact CM72

1-channel compact transmitter with analog output 4-20mA signal. Based on Memosens technology for use in safe zone or classified for pH/redox, conductivity or dissolved oxygen concentration

Liquiline compact CM82

1-channel compact transmitter with HART output 4-20mA signal. Based on Memosens technology and Bluetooth for use in safe zone or classified for multi-parameter measurement.

Liquiline Mobile CML18

Multi-parameter portable transmitter for pH/redox, conductivity, oxygen and temperature.
Bluetooth connection for transferring sensor data to mobile devices.

Liquiline CM42

2-wire transmitter for safe zone and classified in the chemical industry, oil & gas, pharmaceutical industry and food industry. Available output signal 0/4-20 mA, HART, Profibus, Fieldbus Foundation.

Liquiline CM442 / 444 / 448

Modular digital multi-parameter transmitter for monitoring and process control in any application.
Available in 1 to 8 channels. Available output signal 0/4-20 mA, HART, Profibus, Modbus, Profinet or Ethernet IP.

Liquiline CM442R / 444R / 448R

Modular digital multi-parameter transmitter for panel mounting and rail DIN. Available in 1 to 8 channels. Available output signal 0/4-20 mA, HART, Profibus, Modbus, Profinet or Ethernet IP.

Liquiline CM444P

Multi-parameter transmitter for process photometers and Memosens sensors. Available output signal 0/4-20 mA, HART, Profibus, Modbus, Profinet or Ethernet IP.


Analytical sensors are installed in field and are the ones measuring the process using measuring principles such as: amperometric, ion-selective electrode, potentiometric, optical, conductivity, induction, etc. The signals are processed digitally using MEMOSENS technology that guarantees precise and reliable measurements in your process.

Along with this new technology the sensor has an internal memory where the different process data and calibration values are stored, which allows along with digital technology to take them off the process and do the calibration in the lab.


  • Corrosion issues associated to analog sensors are eliminated
  • It makes it easier for in-lab calibration and the exchange of pre-calibrated sensors with the ones in the process
  • Noise is avoided in the transferring of information
  • Connection of up to 8 sensors in the same transmitter, measuring different parameters of the analytical line

Platform complemented by Liquiline Compact, single parameter transmitter for Memosens sensors. It is especially suited for limited space mounting and can be used with any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Parameters that can be measured:

  • pH/redox
  • Conductivity
  • Turbulence Model / SST
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Free Chlorine/ Total Chlorine
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Ozone
  • Nitrates / Nitrites
  • Ammonium
  • Phosphates
  • COT
  • DQO
  • CAE (SAC)
  • Colour
  • Biomass/Cellular growth
  • Chromate
  • Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Hardness
  • Sod

Memosens technology

Memosens technology is revolutionizing fluid analysis. It converts the measured value into a digital signal in the sensor and transfers it to the transmitter via contactless. This means that humidity and corrosion which distort the medium value or make the measuring point fail, they have no chance.

Memosens sensors can even be connected underwater. Also, the transmitter will actively let you know if there is an interruption in the signal. The result is maximum reliability in data transfer, a spectacular increase in the availability of the measuring point and guarantee that the process will be conducted safely.


Automatic sensor recognition allows you to replace them without problem

Less inactive time in the process, since sensors are calibrated in the lab

More precise process management since sensor maintenance can be programmed without any unwanted surprises

Predictive maintenance as an integral part of sensor technology, which translates into a better plant management

Analytical sensors complete range

Oxygen sensors

Available in amperometric and optical models. The amperometric principle is characterized by an stable measurement in a wide measuring range. Optical technology outstands for its high availability and low maintenance level.

Viomax CAS51D
Nitrate sensor and SAC

Smart optical sensor for measuring of nitrate and SAC in clean and residual water treatment process. You just have to submerge it in the process and begin measuring. It is a robust sensor due to its unique design that needs little maintenance thanks to its self-cleaning function.

Nitrate and ammonium sensors

Ion-selective digital sensor for measurement of nitrate and ammonium. It works without reactors. It combines measurement reliability and simplifies preventive maintenance.

Ozone sensor

Amperometric sensor for measuring the concentration of ozone in water. Reliable measurement for disinfection systems using ozone generators.

Turbimax CUS71D
Sludge sediment profile measurement

Immersion sensor for continuous monitoring of separation and transition areas in clarification and decanting settling, it also guarantees safe sedimentation processes, to operate economically and efficiently. Turbimax CUS71D is the ideal sensor for all kinds of measurement applications, from down flow water protection in residual water treatment plants to optimization in filter’s cleaning time in hydraulic facilities.

Process photometers

Phase detection

VIS/NIR absorption sensor for detecting phases and suspended solids. Its hygienic, glass-free design guarantees your products maximum safety.

Phase detection

VIS/NIR absorption sensor for detecting phases and suspended solids. Prepared for all kinds of processes, from explosion danger areas (ATEX,FM) to hygienic processes (CIP/SIP).


VIS/NIR absorption sensor for the monitoring of color and purity. It measures the slightest change in color, which guarantees the highest quality standards for your products.

Concentration measurement

UV light absorption sensor. It monitors concentration levels of your product in liquid processes. Certified for explosion danger areas (ATEX, FM) and suitable for hygienic processes (CIP/SIP)

Fermentation measurement (Biomass)

NIR absorption hygienic measurement in fermentation applications. It monitors cellular growth processes, biomass and algae, and crystallization processes. Equipped with clip-on filters, NIST traceability and certified.

Measurement of turbidity and non-dissolved solids

Measurement of turbidity and non-dissolved solids by scattered light and absorption. It is used for measurement of non-dissolved solids, emulsions, and immiscible fluids in process liquids.

Sensor holders

Environmental protection, a product’s quality assurance, optimization and process security constitute just some of the reasons why fluid analysis becomes a necessary task more and more.

Liquids such as water, sodas, and dairy products, chemical and pharmaceutical products must get analyzed every day. We provide from a standard sensor to a complete analysis station – we provide innovative technology for the analysis of all parameters in fluid applications.

Sensor holders

Depending on process conditions and mounting needs there is available an array of assembling options for personalized installation in the process.

  • Fixed installation assemble
  • Flow assemble
  • Retractable assemble
  • Immersion mounting


Models for mounting in open currents, channels, piping and deposits

For general, hygienic and pharmaceutical grade applications

Economical and practical functions as retractable and self-cleaning

It allows you to use existing construction features

Easy to install and handle, with quick closing for installation and quick sensor replacement

Stainless Steel or PVC sensor holders with different threads for all applications, available hygienic certifications for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries

Float based model for variable level cases


Fixed installation assemble

Economical sensor holders for fixed installation that use installation sets are found in lot processes particularly, where users have access to the sensor in between lots.

Flow assemble

Flow assemblies are used in process piping or its derivatives. Commonly found in water supply plants, beverage industry, chemical industry or analytical cabinets in energy plants

Retractable assemble

Sensors can be replaced quickly and easily, cleaning can be done without interrupting the process. The sensor can be removed or inserted in the process manually or automatically (pneumatic procedure)

Immersion mounting

This kind of assemble offers a flexible installation in immersion applications like in the residual water industry. Suitable for different threads. System can be installed using different piping, supports, etc. almost anywhere (pipes, rails, etc.)

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