Vibration type

Measurement principle

A vibrating tube or fork-shaped sensor is excited to its resonant frequency. The device works by piezoelectric effect. The oscillation frequency changes when the fork comes into contact with the product. The change is analyzed and translated into a switching signal.


Universal level detector for powders or granulates

Simple installation

With the widest variety of certificates, heads, electronic modules, process connections and geometric shapes of sensors

Wear-free / maintenance-free

Operating temperatures from -50 to +280 °C (-60 to +540 ° F) and operation pressure from -1 to 40 bar (-14.5 to 580 psi)


Soliphant FTM20
Compact vibratory level detector for bulk solids.

Soliphant FTM21
Vibrating level detector with extension for granulated solids.

Soliphant FTM50
Universal level detector for dust also for EEx zones.

Soliphant FTM51
Universal level detector for dust with extension tube for EEx zones.

Soliphant FTM52
Universal level detector for dust with extension cable for EEx zones.

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