Flocculant automatic dosage for phosphates elimination

Flocculant automatic dosage for phosphates elimination.

The implementation of a flocculant automatic dosing for phosphates elimination allows the customer to comply with the limit of phosphates in the outlet and save a lot of money, resulting in less consumption of chemical products and less production of sludge.

The input to the wastewater treatment plant is variable due to the high load of industrial wastewater so the manual dosage of flocculants is not enough to maintain a good control of phosphates concentration in the outlet. The customerchallenge is to comply the offcial phosphate output limit and effciently manage the costs of chemical products.

The best way to achieve these goals is to implement an automatic dosing system for chemicals based on phosphate measurement at the outlet and inlet.

Solution components:

  • Instruments: 2-channel version phosphate analyzer (CA80PH, CAT820)
  • Hardware: PLC (Rockwell Automation Allen Bradly® CompactLogixTM)
  • Dosing pumps
  • Cabinet for the installation of the analyzer, electrical control and pumps


  • Maintenance of the phosphate output limit value at any time
  • Optimizing the safety of your wastewater treatment plant
  • Effcient management of the costs of chemical products
  • Reduction of sludge production

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