Augmented reality

Augmented reality

Our solution combines information for mobile users through an interface that overlays data in real time and virtual objects in machines, control panels or processes; allowing users immediate access to relevant machine and process information.

This technology can be applied to visualize process data in real time, visualize technical sheets / plans, videos as well as procedures to carry out a specific task. Thanks to this technology it is possible to digitize and centralize all the documentation of your process to be able to consult it at any time.

Solution architecture

This solution allows the information from the existing control systems in the plant to be connected to a central station where the augmented reality application is running, a WIFI connection enables the contents so that they can be displayed on mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones.

Create & scale industrial AR


  • Empowers the operator with the correct information in real time
  • Optimizes the use of assets by having the documentation of assets electronically and organized
  • Improves productivity by facilitating informed decision making
  • Facilitates the training of new staff by creating procedures for maintenance activities


Step 1

Relevant Information of the assets / process to be monitored are collected, may it be maintenance guides, process variables, documentation; in case of mixed reality applications a scanning of the machine or process is performed for which information will be shown.

Step 2

Using the design app web tool, the augmented reality experience is built which includes real time data, documentation, videos and step-by-step instructions to carry out the activity.

Step 3

Viewing the scenes through the app, available for Android and IOS systems. It is only necessary to focus the process / equipment and the information will be displayed.

Usage examples

In front of a machine or a production line

Immediate access, in real time, to relevant information in the field for operations and maintenance; machine history, process variables, documents (facilities, instructions, electrical diagrams, etc.)

In front of a panel or a hidden part of a machine

Quick diagnosis without blocking due to electrical interlock in the panel, through virtual doors that open the status of the cabinet device, variable values (power, speed, etc.) documents (installations, manuals, electrical diagrams, etc.)

General overview

Simultaneous view of reality and data, fast and secure anomaly detection (alarm display, significant process variables) and access to KPIs (key information and display parameters, production progress, performance indicators, etc.)

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