Continuous level measurement is a very important process variable either for control, inventory or safety applications is vital information needed for your plant operation.

There are two main types of products to measure level liquids or bulks, with many different characteristics, water base, hydrocarbons, chemicals, powders, granulates, with foam presence, turbulence surface or dusty atmosphere so the selection of the correct level measurement instrument need the assistance of an expert to get the best result for your process.


Measurement Principle

A small displacer is arranged in a liquid product using a servo motor. The displacer is then suspended from a steel measurement cable that is wound onto a finely slotted drum head. As the displacer lowers and comes into contact with the liquid, the displacer counterweight is reduced due to the vertical pushing force of the liquid. As a result, the torque in the magnetic coupling changes, which is measured with 5 sets of Hall sensors.


Multi-parameter measurement of liquid level, interface point, density, density profile

Hardware and software developed according to IEC 61508 up to SIL 3 (with homogeneous redundancy) for high safety levels

Maximum reliability through precision of up to ± 0.4 mm (± 0.02 ")

Developed in accordance with international metrology recommendations such as OIML R85 and API MPMS

Local and national certificates such as NMi or PTB for custody transfer applications

Simplified installation and trouble-free operation due to easy connection to major DCS systems using open protocol


Proservo NMS80
Basic servo mechanism for high precision liquid level, interface and density measurement.

Proservo NMS81
Advanced servo mechanism for high precision liquid level, interface and density measurement.

Proservo NMS83
Servo mechanism for measuring liquid level, interface and high precision density in hygienic applications.

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