Comprehensive Maintenance Policies

Comprehensive Maintenance Policies

The comprehensive maintenance policy is our Premium service that guarantees the best customized maintenance plan whose main objective is to generate savings and increase utilization rate.

A comprehensive maintenance policy includes multiple services: calibration, maintenance, commissioning, verification, install base, of your instrumentation and control assets: measurement instruments, safety devices, control valves, control panels, full control system, industrial networks.
The policy can be on an annual or multi-year basis tailored to your needs with the purpose of helping you meet specific, measurable, achievable and timely objectives.

The objective of the Comprehensive Maintenance Policy is to achieve the optimum point in the maintenance cost ratio and the number of maintenance / calibration tasks based on the support of our automation experts.

Scope definition of the comprehensive maintenance Policy:

  • Define critical assets
  • Define tasks required of each
  • Develop procedures according to tasks
  • Establish frequency
  • Launch the policy schedule

Specialties to include in the policy:

  • Calibration: F, T, P, A, ρ, V, W.
  • Safety gas detection calibration: Poison and flamable gases
  • Instruments and analyzers service
  • Gas and flame detector service
  • Control valve and actuator service
  • Control panel service
  • Control systems services: DCS, PLC, HMI
  • Industrial data center services (virtualized systems)
  • Network services
  • Remote services
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