Continuous level measurement is a very important process variable either for control, inventory or safety applications is vital information needed for your plant operation.

There are two main types of products to measure level liquids or bulks, with many different characteristics, water base, hydrocarbons, chemicals, powders, granulates, with foam presence, turbulence surface or dusty atmosphere so the selection of the correct level measurement instrument need the assistance of an expert to get the best result for your process.


Measurement Principle

The principle of capacitive level measurement is based on the change in capacitance that a capacitor exhibits. The probe and the tank form a capacitor whose capacitance depends on the amount of product in the tank: An empty tank has a low capacitance while a full tank has a higher value.


Technology proven successfully in millions of applications

Accurate measurement in small vessels and short response times for fast process changes

Measurements from probe end to process connection, no blocking distance

Interface measurement of emulsion layers


Liquicap FMI21
Economical level probe for conductive liquids.

Liquicap FMI51
Continuous level and interface measurement for liquids.

Liquicap FMI52
Continuous level and interface measurement for liquids in tanks with long range.

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