F80 Meter

Particle size monitoring and analysis.

It is a system based on artificial vision and LiDAR that measures the particle size distribution on conveyor belts and is applicable to crushing and grinding circuits.

What information does it provide:

  • Particle size distribution curve
  • Current values and trends of the X20, X50, X80
  • Process Control Statistics

System modules

  • Image acquisition module:
    It consists of all the accessories required to acquire the images including the lighting systems.

  • Processing module
    In which all the image processing and machine learning tasks are carried out, it also includes the components for the integration of the equipment with the plant DCS.

  • Display module
    Displays the results obtained and the particle size distribution curves.

System Components

  1. High performance processing system
  2. Segmentation chamber
  3. Volumetric chamber
  4. Line laser
  5. Industrial lighting

System architecture

F80 Meter uses a camera for rock segmentation, a camera for volumetry and industrial lighting installed in the upper part of the strip to acquire the images with the best possible resolution.

These images are sent to the processing panel where they are processed and analyzed, later they are sent to the DCS through the industrial communication Ethernet IP, Profibus DP, Modbus TCP / IP. The advanced display module links to the processing module via Ethernet IP.

System Benefits

  • Detection of fine particles in a percentage greater than 10%
  • Detection of fluctuations in granulometry
  • Maintain an optimal particle size range to improve the efficiency of the grinding / grinding circuit
  • Continuous monitoring of load volume that together with a balance can estimate the apparent density of the material online
  • Optimization of the crushing circuit and stabilization of circulating load with adequate control of particle size
  • Evaluate the classification efficiency of the screens in real time
  • Communication and visualization to the control room through connection to the DCS
  • Maintenance support included in the project
  • Native integration with the Digital Twin Grinding platform