Energy management and controllers

Energy management and controllers

Heat systems, boilers, and natural gas consumption are used to transfer energy so it is necessary to calculate the energy to get a balance of the system, the values that you can get are steam mass, steam heat quantity, net steam quantity, steam-heat differential, water heat quantity and water-heat differential, BTU.


EngyCal RH33

Energy meter (BTU) for transactions, records and measures power and energy in heating / cooling circuits.

RIA15 display

Steam meter to record and measure the mass and energy flow of saturated or superheated steam.

RA33 Mixer

Controller of filling and dosing of any product with automatic correction.


Energy manager for calculating steam and water; simultaneous calculation of up to 3 systems.


Universal energy and flow manager for gas, liquid, steam and water calculations; simultaneous calculation of up to 3 systems.

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