Coriolis mass flowmeter

Flow, whether volumetric or mass, is one of the most measured variables in industrial processes. Water, natural gas, steam, oil, chemicals, and wastewater are just a few examples of the different liquids or gases that are measured on a daily basis. As there is no universal technology suitable for all of these applications, we offer you the support to choose the right tecnology and sizing.

Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

Measurement Principle

Coriolis flowmeters have one or two measuring tubes where an exciter installed inside the sensor causes it to oscillate at resonance frecuency. When fluid begins to flow into the measuring tube, additional torque is imposed due to the inertia of the fluid. Two sensors detect this change in tube oscillation in time and space as the "phase difference". This difference is a direct measure of the mass flow. Additionally, the density of the fluid can be determined from the frequency of the measuring tubes oscillation. The internal temperature is also recorded to compensate for thermal influences.


Universal measuring principle for liquids and gases. Independent of the physical properties of the fluid and the flow profile

Multivariate measurement: mass flow, density, temperature, and viscosity

High measurement accuracy: Typically: ± 0.1% of reading, optional: ± 0.05%

Nominal diameters available DN1 to DN400 (1/24” to 16”), Max. 400 bar, -196 to 350 ° C

For use in conductive or non-conductive fluids

No need for input / output distance considerations in your installation


Promass E
Basic applications

Promass F
Universal applications

Promass A
Small flow applications

Promass I
Low-pressure drop applications

Promass S
Sanitary applications

Promass H
Applications with chemically aggressive fluids

Promass Q
Maximum precision in mass flow, volume flow and density

Promass O
Great performance in high pressure fluids in the Oil & Gas industry

Promass X
4 tube version for high flow capacity applications in the Oil & Gas industry

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