FactoryTalk Craft Brew

Craft beer solution, increase efficiency and production

The main challenge in a cooking house is to produce beer with the highest quality and meet client’s expectations. There are several challenges in order to have a productive and profitable process that complies with quality and at the same time lowers costs and production time. To build a better brewery, a flexible system is required that allows the process visualization.

ECN Automation as a Rockwell Automation Solution Partner has the experience and knowledge of this process needed for the implementation of Factory Talk Craft Brew, an automation solution that allows improving the efficiency of your plant easy to use, at a competitive price that facilitates process traceability and promotes its repeatability.


  • Flexible control and designed to automate any plant with minimal time and cost
  • Recipe chance implementation from HMI
  • Scalable solution that can be used from small cooking houses up to bigger processes
  • Allows process standardization by offering libraries for HMI and PLC
  • Tool for consulting reports that lets you visualize batch process operations
  • Manual, semiautomatic and automatic modes

Success story


Craft beer


Control system migration with Siemens S5 platform from the production house, and integrate a renewed control system from Rockwell Automation with a ControlLogix L7 processor, the solution is based on integrating a new controller into the CC1 panel with the capacity to stand current field signals, to allocate the new control system it is considered to reuse the current control board.

Regarding visualization it is proposed to install a workstation with 2 32” screens for overview process visualization and the second one to be able to observe and control the process thoroughly.


  • Migrate Siemens S5 control system through Rockwell Automation platform
  • Migrate control logic to Studio 5000 with PlantPax structure
  • Migrate button controlled graphic console to a 2 32” screens digital visualization system
  • Rockwell Automation control equipment supply
  • Disassembly of obsolete current control equipment Siemens S5
  • Supply Rockwell Automation Software Factory Talk View
  • Supply of computer for the engineering station and workstation
  • PLC and HMI programming
  • Control devices configuration
  • Engineering modifications
  • Network architecture and diagrams
  • Start up and monitoring of the system
  • Training and maintenance
  • Post-launching support


  • 20% production increase of the continuous batch process
  • Complete day production programming reducing time between lots significantly
  • Wide versatility in recipe programming
  • Product quality increase due to exact recipe repeatability
  • Production traceability
  • Minimal intervention by the staff in production continuity allowing concentration in supervision
  • Significant savings due to reduction in waste and operators time
  • Cost reduction associated to obsolete equipment spare parts
  • Time-out reduction

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