Tuning Fork

Measurement principle

A tuning fork shaped sensor is excited to its resonant frequency. The device works by piezoelectric effect. The oscillation frequency changes when the fork comes into contact with the product. The change is analyzed and translated into a switching signal.


Applicable measurement for liquids in general

Ready to use, no calibration necessary

Adjustable sensitivity, operates even with foam or effervescent liquids

Operating temperatures from -60 ° C to + 280 ° C (-76 to +540 ° F)

Operating pressures from -1 to 100bar (-14.5 to 1,450 psi)


Liquiphant FTL31

Compact design level switch for standard applications

Liquiphant FTL33

Hygienic design level detector for the food industry

Liquiphant FTL41

Level detector for liquids in all industries

Liquiphant FTL51B

Level detector for liquids in process industries with SIL2 and SIL3 applications

Liquiphant FTL51C

Level detector for liquids with a highly corrosion resistant coating

Liquiphant FTL50H/51H

Vibrating level detector for liquids especially in the food and pharmaceutical industry

Liquiphant FTL70/71

Level detector for liquids in high temperature applications

Liquiphant FTL80/81/85

Level detector for liquids designed to prevent overfilling FailSafe

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