Información de proceso & soluciones de Industria 4.0

Process Information & Industry 4.0 Solutions

Industry 4.0 is composed by tech enablers which make up the plant’s digital transformation. A digitalized plant allows for the free flow of process information in the operation allowing a more agile, flexible and adapting production to the current demand.

Industry 4.0 Enablers

Scope and capabilities

Connected Industry

A plant’s communication network infrastructure is the highway on which information flows giving life to the digital transformation.

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IoT Connectivity

Connectivity with different devices in the plant whether they are part of a control system or are isolated and remote is an important part of the process information and are the base for smart manufacturing.

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Mitigate network infrastructure risks to protect the information generated and processed by computers, servers, mobile devices, networks and electronic systems.

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Cloud/Edge computing

Solutions for databases, information analysis and apps based on Cloud or at device level under Edge concept.

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Data infrastructure ERP integration

Data gathered from the different plant elements and systems require contextualization to be used as process information for database, MES systems and ERP.

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TrendMiner Process Analytics

Advanced Analytics solution which eases process and asset experts tasks of analysis, supervision and prediction of the operational performance of manufacturing processes by batch, discrete and continuous.

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is used for manufacturing production planning, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), production traceability and plant efficiency indicators.

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eSuite Information Solutions

ECN Automation develops data solutions suited especially for the needs of our clients.

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Efficiency management

ECN Automation offers solutions for your plant’s efficiency management such as:
• Energy management
• Fuel management
• Asset management

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality project implementation which consists of overlapping process information for monitoring and control on a real picture, indicators or specific data for maintenance.

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Grinding Operating Digital Twin

Cyber physical systems which compare real operating parameters with simulators for process optimization, applied to mining 4.0 mills.

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