Conveyor belt protection

Conveyor belt protection

Conveyor belt protection devices for safety operation in the transporting of bulk materials.

Belt Misalignment Switch ROS Series (Run Off Switch)

The ROS is a device that triggers an alarm signal when the roller actuator arm drifts out of alignment. At the beginning, the roller is positioned at a 90° angle, once the belt has started to misalign and pushes the roller actuator to 20° triggers a control signal for shutdown and avoid any harm to the equipment, activation degrees can be varied by the device

Emergency stop SPS Series

Activation arm of the device is connected through a safety cable attached to both sides of the belt. Whenever force is applied in any part of the safety cable, the actuating arm moves to a blocking position and triggers an alarm from an SPDT micro switch or two SPDT micro switches, which informs the equipment’s circuits about the emergency stop.

Tripper Position Switch

Tripper position switch is a device designed for equipment with lots of movement, where a standard switch is triggered when the Nylamid contact roller moves 20° over its vertical position from the actuating arm. The switch is available with two 15 Amp 480V contacts. Roller arm’s angle can be adjusted both ways from 2 to 60° through an adjustable cam. Used in Tripper, bucket, car, and hopper.

Zero Speed Switch 60-23a / 60-23p

Under Speed Switch 60-23 PRO-LINE is a simple, low cost, dependable, minimum maintenance system. There are two models, by mechanical attachment (60-23A) and by proximity (60-23P), both work the same way and its functionality adapts to the user’s needs. 60-23A model operates at a range of 15 to 150 rpm and 60-23P model operates at a range of 60 to 600 pulses per minute.

60-200 Motion Monitoring System

This system offers monitoring for any speed range, it includes encoders for low speeds 0.1 RPM or up to 5000 RPM with proximity switch. Sensors can be for mechanical attachment or contactless proximity, to satisfy the requirements of specific applications and design preferences. Thermo Fisher Scientific 60-200 programmable motion controller is based on a microprocessor. It can be used with any Thermo Scientific sensor and in some cases with other compatible sensors, analog output optional.

Tilt Switch

This rugged tilt probe, abrasion-resistant activates when the material reaches and tilts the probe 15° or more. These probes are installed so that their contacts, usually closed, open independently from the direction of the inclination. Different types of probes are manufactured for different types of materials, in a wide range of environmental conditions. New generation 20-59-NM mercury-free tilt sensor.

Tramp metal detector Oretronic IV

Tramp metal detector with double magnetic field which increments its sensitivity, being a very reliable device for the detection of metallic parts that can harm the process operation ahead such as crushers.

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