Distributed control system, DCS

Distributed control system, DCS

Rockwell DCS PlantPAx

The PlantPAx © system uses a common automation platform to facilitate seamless integration between critical process areas and the rest of your plant. It connects discrete process, power, information and safety control into a single, plant-wide infrastructure that increases efficiency and productivity at all levels of your operations.

At ECN Automation we have certified engineers to specify and implement PlantPAx, carrying out more than 30 projects in different industries, using the best practices in design and development that ensure the best performance results.

DCS PlantPAx Features

It offers a wide range of architecture options that increase flexibility. The same platform can be used for individual stations or for large distributed architectures. The PlantPAx DCS is based on open and protected communication standards that use EtherNet / IP as the primary connection.

With a distributed control system, we guarantee:

  • Centralized control system
  • Scalable and modular architecture
  • Robust system for safe operations
  • Rapid configuration-based implementation of standardized faceplates
  • Modern DCS designed on ethernet communication networks
  • System designed under strict cybersecurity standards
  • Operation with virtualized servers
  • Access to process information and scale to MES and ERP system

PlantPAx architecture

DCS PlantPAx configurations:


Simple setup:
It consists of a DCS with a single PAC connected by Ethernet IP with the I/O nodes for data reconnection.


Several PAC’s:
It consists of having several controllers in different chassis throughout the plant, connected to each other and to the I/O nodes.


High availability:
To have high availability, it is necessary to guarantee that the active control equipment is more than 99.9% available to operate, one of the main characteristics is the built-in redundancy at all levels, from I/O to controllers, networks and servers.


Integrated Architecture:
Regardless of the aforementioned configurations, the integrated architecture is when field devices such as CCMs, instruments and actuators use the ethernet communication protocol to connect with the PAC, obtaining more information and ease of access.

Benefits of implementing PlantPAx

ECN Automation with 30 years of experience in the process industry has a team of engineers trained according to the Rockwell PlantPAx program to carry out its successful implementation; obtaining the best results for the productive and safe operation of your plant in an agile development time.

  • ECN Automation has a team of trained and experienced engineers for the implementation of DCS PlantPAx
  • We have implemented more than 30 projects based on PlantPAx in various types of industry, whether greenfield, brownfield or migrations from old DCS
  • Flexibility due to the quality of forming the distributed control system (DCS) with PACs from the Logix family and with Ethernet IP communication
  • Robust architecture since each DCS system is designed and manufactured under the standards and certifications of the IEC and ISA
  • Logical coherence, with the PlantPAx version 6.0 libraries we managed to have and make use of the native process instructions that facilitate control strategies.
  • Efficiency in Engineering development, with the default configurations of instruments, alarms and diagnostic elements of the PlantPax system, we achieve better efficiency in the development of our projects
  • DCS PlantPAx provides the facility to connect current and historical data from DCS with analytical and reporting tools
  • Technical support plans, life cycle, remote mode, on-site or hybrid

Personnel certificate for PlantPAx application

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